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 MW2 TU7 XP Full Tutorial - 2-4-12 ((JTAGS/RGH ONLY))

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MW2 TU7 XP Full Tutorial - 2-4-12 ((JTAGS/RGH ONLY)) Empty
PostSubject: MW2 TU7 XP Full Tutorial - 2-4-12 ((JTAGS/RGH ONLY))   MW2 TU7 XP Full Tutorial - 2-4-12 ((JTAGS/RGH ONLY)) EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 1:32 am


First off, full credit to iHC James for creating and releasing this patch - You are a credit to everyone!

An UnBanned Retail Xbox
MW2 Disk
This File: mediafire.com/?9cctxt7kak19bca
And Half A Brain

1) Create a folder on your JTAG and call it something like "MW2 TU7 XP"
2) Install MW2 in here to ensure it is a perfect copy.
3) Extract the file you downloaded onto a USB
4) Plug USB into JTAG.
5) Place "TU_10LC20N_0000018000000.00000000001OA" into your cache folder.
6) Place all the other files into your MW2 game which you installed earlier.
7) Press the Right Analog Button, and click A on "default_mp_launcher.xex"

To prevent TDM glitch or SND glitch further on, join a public FFA on your retail and leave again.
1) Go to system link, dont change any settings, then start the game. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE BACK BUTTON.
2) Connect to Retail via Ethernet Cable.
3)On retail, go to System Link and join your JTAG's game.
4) Once your retail has connected, switch back over to your JTAG and press the back button. You will see colorful writing on your screen for a split second.
5) When it says you are infected, leave the game on your retail.
6) On your retail, connect to Xbox Live. Go to Private Match, and invite between 5-11 friends.
7) Start the game, and it will end within 5 seconds of the countdown finishing.
Cool The game will throw you into a public, 18-man FFA. DO NOT INVITE ANYBODY YET.
9) Wait for the game to start, then kill yourself for XP!

Gametype not FFA - Before you infect yourelf, play an online game of whatever gametype you want!
Need more players to balance teams - invite 1 player or fix NAT type! (thanks to o0KaTooN0o)
Blackscreen - reinject all files and restart jtag! Blackscreen is due to "wrong engine type". Reinstall all my files, restart JTAG and click launcher.
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MW2 TU7 XP Full Tutorial - 2-4-12 ((JTAGS/RGH ONLY))
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