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  PS3 Modded Lobby Rules & Information

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 PS3 Modded Lobby Rules & Information Empty
PostSubject: PS3 Modded Lobby Rules & Information    PS3 Modded Lobby Rules & Information EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 7:49 pm

This is one of the two forums added to the PS3 section. Please follow these rules when posting to prevent your topic from being removed

Playstation Boosting/Modding Lobbies - Any topic related to hosting a lobby on Playstation(s) for any game go here. This section will have its own list of rules that you will need to read and follow before posting. Topics asking for rep/thanks/subs or breaching the community rules in any way will be removed and the member posting it penalized as the staff see fit. PM myself to fix any issues with your topic and have it reopened

Your lobbies should have proof and clear detail on what you offer. Boosting lobbies should have rules and requirements listed.

Asking for an invite on a topic will result in a warning and or ban, if you want to join add them on PSN or PM the hoster, don't post it on their topic.

We don't allow recovery services, posting these will result in a short ban, multiple offences will result in a permanent ban.

There should be NO topics asking for lobbies, if so the topic will be locked/deleted and a warning will be issued
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PS3 Modded Lobby Rules & Information
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